Do Wow That Tilt!

by Disorder of Deadeight



released August 7, 2013


Janne Kaipainen: synth, programming, production, recording, mix&master
Sanna Klemetti: vocals
Mikko Määttä: assistant timbre design
Jari-Matti Nurminen: guitar, bass, production, composition
Harri Talvenmäki: lyrics, percussion, production
Mikko Rantanen: cover photography



all rights reserved


Disorder of Deadeight Jyväskylä, Finland

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Track Name: Do Wow That Tilt!
hang on to your legos
the room is falling free
is it safe?
well, no

cause nothing flows like the great cosmic beat
below and/or above?
it doesn’t seem to show

as for man:
his days are as grass, as a flower he flourisheth
do wow that tilt, in the hole in the lawn

like a kaleidoscope spinning in reverse
take off for once
motherload up where no leeches reach

tilt if thou wilt over the milk spilled
we are yet to leave the home yard
the stars are calling and some bumps in the road
we’d be glad to sidestep

therefore I was freedom bound
bouncing, swinging to alter the course
ten years didn’t do
but here’s to another
Track Name: Deep Stuff
it’s the stuff from the earth goes up
and the lightning comes down
they meet
they ground

the material parts
and the decided drive to a symbol
you know
it’s both

the force starts with kether
and then it goes...

build up a phenomenal
tower of unstoppability
within ourselves

true or false or whatever
it doesn’t matter at this point
you know
it’s both

the force starts with Kether
and then it goes...

that’s just a practical way
of looking at what is
you know, deep stuff

and I love it
and I embrace it
it is what makes my life what it is